Sissoo Bowl


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Presenting a stunning wood bowl crafted from Sissoo, also known as Indian Rosewood. Measuring 20″ x 9.75″ x 2.5″, this bowl is a testament to both natural beauty and resilience.

This beautiful bowl is crafted from Sissoo wood that was rescued from a fallen tree in Arizona. Sissoo, prized for its hardiness and shade, thrives in the Arizona climate. Originally native to India, this wood species holds high value and is known for its exceptional durability.

The captivating grain patterns and warm hues of the Sissoo wood make this bowl a true work of art. Each swirl and marking on the surface tells a story of the tree’s journey, showcasing the unique character and history of the wood.

This bowl not only exemplifies the natural beauty of Sissoo, but also serves as a testament to sustainability. By salvaging wood from fallen trees, it embraces the ethos of responsible craftsmanship and breathes new life into materials that would have otherwise gone to waste.

A striking decorative piece, this Sissoo wood bowl brings a touch of elegance and natural allure to any setting. It is a unique addition to your home, reflecting both the beauty of the wood itself and the appreciation for sustainable craftsmanship.

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